The company has environmental attitude.

Packages are used two times

We don't throw carton boxes out! We use as many packages "second hand" as possible, to pack in our products and send it out to the customers.

Save on paper

We print only 1 edition of catalogue every year, and we sell more and more through Internet, so we don't use natural resource s- trees.

In the office we never buy post-it notes, we use used papers back side for that.

Less resources from nature

In our website we give a possibility to download our catalogues to customers PC to save on paper. We update our website every time there's something new coming out, and for the most of our customers, printed catalogues are not necessary. So you can subscribe direct from our website, it's easy and quick.

Be happy for everything you have

Kauni's design is timeless and therefore is not influenced by the current fashion situation. Kauni designs clothes, which last long. This helps to save our lands resources. We hope that all who buy our knitting wear would be so happy to wear it, that they first throw it out when it's worn away. I have sweaters which I have worn 4-5 years.


We work to make our woolknitware collections as environmental-friendly as possible. Colors, which are used to color the yarn, are almost harmless for the environment. We are working to make it even better. We are following the pattern and are not cutting the pieces afterwards. We knit pieces that are ready to be sewn together.


... is without a doubt with my children.
I am bound to Estonians only Grundtvig/Koldske free school and I believe, that teaching and studying should go hand in hand with a smile and through heart. Not with fear and restlessness like in so many other schools in Estonia.

I invite everybody to be apart of Pärnu Free School's everyday life through their homepage and support Estonians only free school, if you feel like it.

With love


The beautiful love story of Kaunis parents started at a little yarn factory where Kauni´s mother, the young bookkeeper and Kaunis father, the factory manager, first met.

Kauni, as a creative personality, grew up and became a arts and crafts teacher who had already learned how to knit on a knitting machine at a very young age.

The company Kauni was founded in 1996 on Fyn island, in Dalby. During the first years the company mostly imported Estonian handicrafts.

In the beginning Kauni redesigned the products of the Estonian knitting workshops to customize them according to the needs and traditions of the Danish market.

In 2003 the first Kauni´s knitters started their work and today we sell our own design knitwear and yarns in several other countries besides Denmark.