Dear customer,

Kauni introduces the newest collection of wool knitwear, everything knitted with 100% wool yarn and with knitting-machine. Our knitwear is designed just for you - to a woman who is independent and values quality and who is not afraid to be different from others. When I designed these models, I was thinking of you who loves romance and of you with a sporty lifestyle.
We offer warmer sweaters to defy cold and wind. You can choose a practical cardigan to shine at a party or go to a café with a friend. You can definitely find a sweater for every days use.
What is characteristic for most of Kauni's knitware is rose and flower motives with small nuances and details on sleeves and collars. Also fastenings which give a unique look to the knitware.
Knitwear is knitted with handmachines and you can definitely feel the warmth, which ladies who knit/crochet/embroider, have put in the models.
All the models are produced in many different color combinations. It is a great joy to design knitwear, which leaves behind feelings what can be compared to feelings a painter or another artist has when you can see the result.
I love the rhythms, surprises, colours and constant change of nature. I see patterns in plants and flowers. These models embrace the primal protection offered by nature, reminding us that we too have responsibilities and are accountable to nature.
Again, all our models are presented in 3 colour schemes : 1) neutral ) warm, 3) cold.
Most of our models are fulled – they are very soft and warm.I wish you feel the same joy when you are wearing our knitwear and also that sweaters are not only comfortable to wear, but they also emphasize your personality.