Our collection of hats, mittens and gloves are produced of many color combinations by handmachine, thanks to our fine knitters, who are doing their best to create beautiful results.
Pure wool products give warmth and protect from the windy Danish winter and storms. It always feels nice and safe to wear natural products next to your body. Many of our woolen accessories are felted, which gives warmth.
All the hats can be ordered by the common hat sizes.
Mittens and gloves are divided to three different sizes: children, women and men.

Socks can be ordered from small sizes to adult sizes.
We offer also exclusively handmade handkerchiefs and scarves, which are made from the thin lace yarn. Isn't it fantastic that an airy scarf can give so much warmth? Our handmade scarves and handkerchiefs can do it!
We hope you enjoy our wool knitted mittens, gloves, hats and scarves.